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Help and Support
Help and Support

Support for our games
If you have any problems related to our games please contact us.

1. What I need to do to play HectorSoft games?
A. First of all visit our games page and download demo of the game you find interesting.
B. Then install the game on your computer. Demo has some limitations (for example one hour of playing or small amounts of available levels to play).
C. If you find the game funny and want to play full version you can buy the game.
D. To buy full version of the game please click on the "Buy Full Version" on the game page.
E. Our transaction system is powered by eSellerate. You will be asked to fill some required fields to complete the order. You can pay using Credit Card or PayPal.
F. After placing order you will be given your own registration code instantly. Please write it for future use.
G. Now you just have to put your registration code in the game. Please run the game and enter registration code (typically in main menu).
H. Now you are the owner of our game forever!
2. Is it safe for me to use my credit card online?
It is perfectly safe. eSellerate uses the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. All transactions are protected with strongest exportable standard of encryption. There is no way that anyone can get your credit card number. We also do not store your number after the purchase.
3. What kind of post-purchase support do you provide?
eSellerate offers excellent post-purchase support. It includes things like requesting your registration code, re-downloading your game, printing receipt for your order and many more!
4. How many times I can reinstall the game?
Unlimited. You buy the game you own it forever! The only thing you need to remember is to enter registration code again after reinstalling your system. It is good to write and remember your registration code. You can always request your registration code from eSellerate post-purchase support.
5. HectorSoft Money-Back Guarantee.
If you are not happy with any purchase, we will promptly refund your money. Please contact us at
6. I have questions not answered here!
No problem! Please contact us at Also you can try to find answers in eSellerate general support here.

Help and Support
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